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"Just a guy, looking at a screen, helping software people do their thing."

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“Do you want a mess, or a masterpiece?", the master seamstress fondly reminded her young protégé…

A hopeful software craftsperson, I can imagine writing code so elegant that the source is featured in an NYC art gallery in the year 2442. But that’s just a fantasy, because here I am pushing my big grimy ball of software mud up the hill with everyone else, trapped and raging against the impossible triangle of quality, price, and speed.

But it’s not all stern foreheads and storm clouds — We’ve got fun code-wrangling blogs like tygertec to get us through the day. And coffee! We’ll always have coffee. And Paris. I’ve heard good things about Paris.

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Fresh from the paw of the Tyger

and the thrill of the fight
the struggle, uncle
it’s phenomenal,
even comical

bits to bytes
and bugs in prod
got me crying
I ain’t lying
some nights—
I’m still compiling.

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They told me I needed a hobby

So here’s a few projects you may find interesting. Some of these half-baked goods may even be on GitHub.


‘OK to ship a code smell, but never OK to ship a breath smell.’ Bit tongue-in-cheek, but you can buy ‘em on zazzle.

Learn Hugo

Premium course that teaches Hugo-essentials while migrating away from WordPress


"How hard should you run today?" - A simple static pace calculator using Vue.js.”


Custom Hugo-based website for a Spanish-language interpreter


The fast and responsive, open-source Hugo theme I build for the Uterpret website

Meet the Team

Okay, so it’s a team of one ➡ The “Ty” in tygertec.

Chief Pun Officer


Ty Walls

Digital Construction Worker