Connect to an Android Emulator running on Linux from Windows

Once upon a time I needed to connect to an Android emulator running on a Linux box from a Windows virtual machine. Yes, it was very strange. In case you every find yourself in a similar situation, here’s one way to do it.

Display a QR code on the fly from zsh

You’re typing away at the console in Linux or Mac OS when you suddenly need to display a QR code. There are a lot of dubious websites that purport to generate QR codes for you, but at what cost? Let’s just generate our own QR codes using open-source tools.

PowerShell: An Introduction for Linux Afficionados

Many of us cut our teeth on the elegant simplicity of the Linux command line, with its dazzling zero-based array of infinitely chainable commands. Then, with a dull thud you found yourself dumped rudely into the Windows environment, where things on the command line weren’t quite so peachy, to put it mildly. In fact, working in the old Windows command line was almost as fun as working in the trash compactor of the Death Star. Fortunately, with the advent of PowerShell, the dystopian landscape of the Windows console started to put forth a few shoots and sprigs of greenery. In this post I hope to show you some of our favorite Linux commands translated to their equivalent PowerShell cmdlets.