Does This Compliment Sandwich Taste Funny to You?

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Chowing down on a compliment sandwich can leave you with a bad aftertaste. Let's discuss the flavor profile of this managerial delicacy, and the secret sauce that just might save it.

Eight words.

“Hey, can I see you in my office?”

Whatever important tasks hung spinning in the air around you darken to match your widening pupils, then plummet to the floor in a slow-motion Broadway disaster. Eight words and the serene, ever-smiling avatar of your boss.

Legacy Software: Raze and Pave or Stand Fast and Refactor

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Alternatively known as the "big-bang rewrite", the Big Rewrite, "burn and rebuild", or "raze and pave", the end result is the same — lots of work. *Can* you do it? Probably. But there's an even more important question: *Should* you?

Prologue: Merek vs the Old Library

The last tattered shred of hope clung limply to its flagpole and flew at half mast.

“Where did we go wrong?”, Merek grimaced. Hopes in Köd Kingdom had flown so high, higher than the green and black banners billowing proudly atop the castle spires. The day they’d broken ground— the popping corks and howling cheers still echoed mirthfully down his ear canals. Only the wind howled now.