What this dumpster needs is another failed app

It was 2021. Spring pollen competed with birdsong to fill the air. Sneezes abounded. We needed to relocate my mom, but were having a rough go of it. Finding the cash to finance a move and purchase a dwelling of some kind was proving elusive. I took an inventory of my skills: Skill Level Construction (houses) Basic Software development High Musical talent Mediocre Busking at the waterfront on the weekends might pull in a few hundred a month — more if they pay me to stop.

OtpTranslate: Migrate from Raivo to Aegis, and beyond

Recently a friend asked me about copying his Raivo OTP database to Aegis. Those are both solid MFA apps. The only problem is Raivo only works on iOS, and Aegis only works on Android. His Raivo database had hundreds of entries, so it would have been a real pain to manually set it up in Aegis. Plus, keeping them in sync would be an additional pain. We searched for an existing open-source conversion tool, but came up empty-handed.


Learn about the philanthropic raison d'être behind tygertec endeavors --- my cool mom

4Ducks Budget

Are your golden ducks in a row? Easy-to-use budgeting sidekick for Android and iOS. Ad-free, privacy focused.

Has my SSN been pwned?

Educational website that aims to help people prevent identity theft


'OK to ship a code smell, but never OK to ship a breath smell.' Bit tongue-in-cheek, but you can buy 'em on [zazzle](


\"How hard should you run today?\" \- A simple static pace calculator using Vue.js."


Custom Hugo-based website for a Spanish-language interpreter


The fast and responsive, open-source Hugo theme I build for the [Uterpret]( website